Maitres de L'Affiche - Year 1900

Size: 11 3/8 x 15 3/4 inches - Original Lithographs
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Linge Monopole
Plate No.195
Price: $375
Print Code: Pomai195

Henri Meunier
Savon Starlight
Plate No.196
Price: $550
Print Code: Pomai196

Moreau Nelaton
Notre-Dame du Travail
Plate No.198
Price: $125
Print Code: Pomai198

De Feure
Thes du Palais Indien
Plate No.199
Price: $350
Print Code: Pomai199

Louis Rhead
The Sun Magazine
Plate No.200
Price: $400
Print Code: Pomai200

Alphonse Mucha
Papier a cigarettes Job
Plate No.202
To request
Print Code: Pomai202

Theatre Pompadour
Plate No.203
Price: $300
Print Code: Pomai203

De Riquer
Maison Napoleon
Plate No.204
Price: $750
Print Code: Pomai204

Charles Leandre
Galerie Artistes Modernes
Plate No.206
Price: $150
Print Code: Pomai206

Fernel (F. Cerckel)
Bazar Halles et Postes
Plate No.207
Price: $250
Print Code: Pomai207

Jules Cheret
Le Rappel
Plate No.209
Price: $200
Print Code: Pomai209

Charles Lucas
Entree de Clownesse
Plate No.210
Price: $200
Print Code: Pomai210

Rene Pean
Trois Quartiers
Plate No.211
Price: $325
Print Code: Pomai211

Cercle de Schaerbeek
Plate No.212
Price: $500
Print Code: Pomai212

Jules Cheret
Plate No.213
Price: $450
Print Code: Pomai213

Orazi et Gorguet
Plate No.214
Price: $400
Print Code: Pomai214

La Critique
Plate No.215
Price: $375
Print Code: Pomai215

Dudley Hardy
Plate No.216
Price: $200
Print Code: Pomai216

Jules Cheret
Taverne Olympia
Plate No.217
Price: $325
Print Code: Pomai217

G. Fraipont
Plate No.218
Price: $125
Print Code: Pomai218

F. Gottlob
Expo Peintres-Lithos
Plate No.219
Price: $275
Print Code: Pomai219

Jules Cheret
Grande Theatre de L'Expo
Plate No.221
Price: $250
Print Code: Pomai221

H. Thomas
Plate No.222
Price: $225
Print Code: Pomai222

Jules A. Grun
Plate No.223
Price: $300
Print Code: Pomai223

Tournoi de Lutte de Liege
Plate No.224
Price: $300
Print Code: Pomai224

M. Realier-Dumas
Galerie Georges Petit
Plate No.226
Price: $200
Print Code: Pomai226

Paul Berthon
Plate No.227
Price: $3000
Print Code: Pomai227

H. Cassiers
Red Star Line
Plate No.228
Price: $300
Print Code: Pomai228

Jules Cheret
La Bodiniere
Plate No.229
Price: $250
Print Code: Pomai229

George Rochegrosse
Plate No.230
Price: $400
Print Code: Pomai230

Corn Flour Kassama
Plate No.232
Price: $500
Print Code: Pomai232

Jules Cheret
Aureole du Midi
Plate No.233
Price: $325
Print Code: Pomai233

Charles Lucas
Cabaret des Arts
Plate No.234
Price: $250
Print Code: Pomai234

Salon de la Mode
Plate No.235
Price: $200
Print Code: Pomai235

F & D Maly
Plate No.236
Price: $200
Print Code: Pomai236

Jules Cheret
Palais de Glace
Plate No.237
Price: $700
Print Code: Pomai237

F. Gottlob
Salon des Cent
Plate No.239
Price: $200
Print Code: Pomai239

Van Caspel
Whoogenstraaten et Co.
Plate No.240
Price: $275
Print Code: Pomai240

The "Les Maitres de l'Affiche" series was offered as a subscription series to collectors.
Every month for 60 months, from December 1895 through November 1900, subscribers received by mail, 4 loose sheets (Maitres) with a cover sheet. It was sold in Paris for 2.50 francs for one month's subscription, (4 Maitres) and for 27 francs for 12 months (48 maitres), plus special (bonus) plates. Maitre's were never issued in a book form, but a binding of the 12 months Maitres was offered to subscribers, at the end of the year, with a beautiful hardcover design by Paul Berthon for 8 Francs.

The "Maitres de l'Affiche," were issued as separate numbered sheets, referred to as "plates" (PL). They were numbered, with the printers name "Imprimerie Chaix," in the margin at the bottom left hand corner, "PL.1" to "PL.240." In the margin at the bottom right hand corner of each, is a blind embossed stamp from a design of Cheret's.
Each overall plate measures approximately 11 3/8 in. x 15 3/4 inches. (29 cm x 40 cm).

In addition to the 240 posters, Special plates (or bonus plates) were issued to subscribers.
There were a total of 16 Special plates, which were sent over the five years, each December, each June, and March and September of the final three years.
These were not posters, but unique original lithographs done exclusively for the "Maitres de l'Affiche" series.
Jules Cheret was the artistic director of the "Imprimerie Chaix. "He dominated the series, with one in every four Maitres by him, the first in each monthly instalment, and 7 of the Special plates, a total of 67. With over 1000 poster designs to his credit, his large representation in the series is justified, although some critics have pointed out that, as the artistic director, he may have been biased towards selecting his own work.
"Of the other 96 artists represented in "Les Maitres de l'Affiche, some were pre-eminent painters and printmakers at various stages of their careers: Toulouse-Lautrec, Denis, Bonnard. Others were famous illustrators and cartoonists of the period, still well known to art collectors, including Forain, Caran d'Ache, Ibels, Boutet de Monvel, Leandre.
But there were also all those whose names say 'poster,' the conquering pioneers of the new medium including, Cheret himself, Mucha, Steinlen, Beggarstaffs, Grasset, Penfield, Parrish, Bradley, hardy… the list could go on and on." (Appelbaum p.iii)