Bauwens Maurice & Others

Les Affiches Étrangères Illustrées 1886-1895, Paris, Boudet, 1897

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Bauwens (Maurice) and others.

Les Affiches Etrangeres illustrées

Published in Paris, G. Boudet and C. Tallandier, 1897. 4to. Two preliminary leaves, iii, 206 pages, 1 leaf including illustrations, 68 plates (including 67 color, 3 double). A wonderful resume of the best poster art of the 1890s from Germany, Britain, Austria, Belgium, America, Japan, including the work of the greatest exponents of the art, such as Aubrey Beardsley, Frank Brangwyn, Walter Crane, Henri Toulouse-Lautrec, James Whistler, Rennie Mackintosh, William Nicholson, Walter Sickert, Maxfield Parrish etc. These artists were the pioneers of the modern advertising imagery. They produced innovative, monumental mass-market lithographic posters advertising everything from novels, magazines, books, to dramatic, artistic and musical productions, insurance, restaurants, bars, food and drink, included in here is a wonderful advertisement for that quintessential fin-de-siecle tipple Absinthe Robette by Henri Privat-Livemont. Price on request.